By Michael Cooney

Let me spin you a tale about Odyssey’s latest wonder – the Odyssey Ai-ONE and Ai-ONE Milled Putters! 

The day kicked off with a bang at the product launch for their swanky new AI Putters, the Odyssey Ai-ONE and Ai-ONE Milled Putters. A video started the show, dropping the bomb about how many wins the touring professionals bagged using these bad boys this year. Talk about a gold star for any product! It’s no surprise that these putters found their way straight into the bags of the best players worldwide. And guess what? We got to try these goodies out for ourselves at the lush Peninsula Kingswood Country Club – thanks to the Callaway Fitting Reps who worked their magic.

Now, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of these putters. The AI enhancements on these babies ensure consistent ball speed across the face, making those off-centre hits less punishing and expanding that sweet spot – a golfing miracle! On average, putts finish a whopping 21% closer to the hole than with your run-of-the-mill non-inserted putter. To achieve this level of magic, they’ve played around with the materials, using aluminum at the back and topping it off with White Hot Urethane for that iconic feel loved by millions of golfers. It’s a recipe for fantastic feel, speed control, and consistency.

The Ai-ONE putter is already making waves on the Tour! Jon Rahm used an Ai-ONE Rossie model in the Ryder Cup, showcasing a putting spectacle that helped the European Team clinch victory. Sam Burns? He wielded an Ai-ONE Seven model, making the switch at the Tour Championship and reaping the benefits right away.

These premium putters are a blend of 100% Milled stainless steel body fitted with a 100% Milled titanium insert, marrying top-notch construction with unparalleled performance. 

Now, let me share my experience with the Ai-ONE Milled putter. They’re a blend of a 100% Milled stainless steel body fitted with a 100% Milled titanium insert, marrying top-notch construction with unparalleled performance. I ran a little experiment with the Ai-ONE Milled putter, hitting a 14ft flat putt using Trackman Putting. The results were a revelation:

1. The ball still launched on average only 0.1 degrees after hitting all 20 putts all over the face. When you get a heel or toe strike to any club its very hard to launch the ball that straight. 

2. The ball roll was on average rolling for 88% of the putt, as a general rule we want the ball rolling at least 85% of the putt. 90% would be very, very good! 

3. All putts had a 45cm variance in distance. I can’t express to you golfers how good that is from 14ft away. Next time you’re on the green roll a few putts from 10 feet with hitting the ball all over the face and see what results you get! I will almost guarantee you won’t be able to get it that close. 

In conclusion, these putters walk the talk! Even on those off days when you flub the strike, the Ai-ONE and Ai-ONE Milled Putters step up your putting game big time. So, line ‘em up and putt your worries away!

Ai-ONE $499.99
and Ai-ONE Milled $749.99

Michael Cooney is a teaching professional at the PGA Centre for Learning and Performance at the Sandhurst Golf Club in Melbourne and is always on the hunt for the latest and greatest in golf products.

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