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Sam Arthur, Publisher: Outdoor Sports Publishing PO Box 437 Miami, QLD, 4220 (phone) 1300 4653 00 (fax) 07 5535 4922 (email) sam (at)

QLD Sales

David Ross (phone) 0439 612 458 (email) david.ross (at)


David Andrews (phone) 0404 871 479
 (email) david.andrews (at)

VIC Sales

Marc Wilson (phone) 0419 107 143 (email) marc (at)

WA Sales

Gary Powell (phone) 0439 350 363 (email) gary (at)

SA Sales

Brett Crosby (phone) 0403 323 198 (email) brett (at)

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Richard Fellner, Group Editor PO Box 363 Mount Evelyn, Vic, 3796 (phone) +61 407 000 440 (email) ed (at)
David Newbery, Chief Writer (email) david (at)

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