Inside Golf welcomes story submissions from readers and contributors

To submit a story, please use the following guidelines:


  1. Editorial MUST be submitted in Microsoft Word, or a similar Text-based document, in an editable format.
  2. We CANNOT accept content in PDF or other non-text formats (i.e. no screenshots or scanned images).
  3. Word length for a story must be a maximum of 600 words
  4. Do not include any text formatting in the document (i.e. bold, italic, underline, etc) as this will be cleared during layout.



1: Images must be HIGH RESOLUTION files. We cannot print files that are poor quality, or pulled from the internet or a powerpoint presentation (etc). A High Resolution file is generally 200dpi-300dpi, and rather large in size. Most modern digital cameras are fine for this.

2: Images must be separate files (NOT pasted in Word or Acrobat, etc), and most be in their raw form. (i.e. straight from the camera, original size, no cropping or editing, etc).

3: Images must be copyright/restriction free. (i.e. not taken from another website or publication)

4: Captions for images must be included in the Word Doc

5: Image file itself must be named properly (i.e. Avoid uploading a file called IMG2046.jpg. Instead, give it a name like “PaulSmithGolfSwing.jpg” or something appropriate to the subject.

To submit your story, please email it to us

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