By Michael Cooney

Attention ALL golfers! Let me introduce you to the world of the Wilson Fit Ai Tool!! Now let me assure you that there is no one more sceptical of what Ai can and can’t do, but recently in the golf world, and in my life, that has changed. 

Wilson golf and its fitting team have produced an Ai fitting tool that is going to make club fitting so much easier for everyone involved! 

Let me take you through how it works! After about a 3-minute demonstration, even I was able to conduct a fitting, that’s how impressive this system is! 

The Wilson Fit Ai is innovative mobile app-based fitting solution that uses Bluetooth via a Blast Motion Sensor that sits on top of the Wilson Fit Ai either Right- or Left-handed club. The sensor gathers swing data and applies a self-learning algorithm to provide an accurate and reliable custom fit iron recommendation in as few as five swings.

The Wilson Fit Ai process starts off with a player interview that gathers data for your proceeding five swings. The questions vary from player dexterity, to playing ability, handicap index, future goals, preferred shot shape, consistency in ball contact and preferences in head design and what you feel is most important for your irons. 

From the player interview we get into some simple physical measurements; player height, wrist to floor measurements and grip size, with the Wilson Fit Ai kit providing a Wilson measurement wrist to floor ruler! Once the measurements have taken place, we make some warm up swings and get the Swing Data Capture. After 3 – 5 swings we can delete some complete miss hits if needed and then get a session summary. From the session summary we get data on swings and then the Ai Algorithm does its thing with the fitter being able to override anything if needed. From the Ai recommendations it gives club head, shaft type, grip, lie angle and the length the golfer should be considering. Now my current set is a blade head design with a dynamic gold x100, standard length and standard lie with a standard size grip…. please note I did not tell the Wilson Fitter about this before my fit. 

The results were the same. Nothing was different. I couldn’t believe that within five swings Ai could tell me what my specs are and what shaft and head design I should be using. I was so surprised and impressed that I wanted to fit out a golfer, so I did! I should say that this was my first time using the product and from a fitting perspective, the simplicity blew me away. 

In conclusion, the Wilson Fit Ai Tool has emerged as a game-changer in the world of golf club fitting. With its innovative mobile app-based solution and the integration of Ai technology, Wilson Golf has successfully streamlined the fitting process, making it more accessible and efficient for both players and fitters.

In essence, the Wilson Fit Ai Tool has not only revolutionized the club fitting process but has also gained the trust and confidence of users through its accuracy and simplicity. As the golf community continues to embrace technological advancements, the Wilson Fit Ai Tool stands out as a noteworthy addition, offering a reliable and efficient solution for golfers seeking the perfect club fit.

Michael Cooney is a teaching professional at the PGA Centre for Learning and Performance at the Sandhurst Golf Club in Melbourne and is always on the hunt for the latest and greatest in golf products.

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