Little One

Hitting the ball with the centre of the club is a constant priority — regardless of the club you have in your hand. And while there are many training aids out there, few really help you focus on hitting the ball in the centre of the club. The Little One, on the other hand, achieves this with ease.
Though it is the same length, loft and weight of a standard 7-iron, The Little One’s clubhead is just large enough for a golf ball. The theory goes that if you hit a series of warm-up or practice shots with this tiny head, and then graduate up to your normal set, you will find that your club appears easier to hit — thus you’ll swing without any tension (and we all know that a tension-free swing boosts your accuracy, consistency and distance.)

Initially, we found the club to be a real challenge to hit, but with continued practice it became clear that this training aid can offer a clear advantage for all golfers. This is the club to use at the range before you tee off in a comp, as it gets your eyes working faster, and gets your focus sharp.

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