GROWING up in Rhodesia (modern Zimbabwe), my parents, my brother, sister and I would board a train for Cape Town, South Africa to holiday with my grandparents on my mother’s side during the December/January holiday period.

Of German heritage, my grandfather had some strange habits including leaving the front and back doors of the house open on New Year’s Eve.

My mother told me Grandpa Karl did it to welcome in the New Year and hope the nasty things from the previous 12 months would disappear out the back door.

Sort of out with the old and in with the new.

So, I thought I might try that with some golf suggestions for 2022.

Out with Tiger’s broken limbs and in with a strong and healthy Tiger.

No one expected Tiger Woods to return so soon from a near fatal car accident, but he is back practising with vigour. In fact, the bookies have Tiger at $13 to win any PGA Tour event in 2022 and $26 to win a major. Go Tiger.

Out with border closures and in with travelling to play more golf.

People the world over are sick and tired of Covid-19 and forced restrictions so let’s hope we can clean up this virus once and for all and getting on living the way we used to.

Out with non-Australians winning the majors and in with one or two Aussies winning.

It’s been seven long years since an Aussie won a major (Jason Day, US PGA). Australia’s top-ranked player Cam Smith might just be the man to do it.

Out with Jason Day’s slide down the world rankings ladder and in with a happy and winning season.

The former world number one did not have a happy 2021 on the course so let’s hope he can bounce back and regain the form we know he’s capable of. What about out with his caddie and in with Col Swatton?

Out with Cameron Smith’s mullet and in with a new-look hairstyle.

I’m all for long hair and once wore it with pride, but wouldn’t it be nice to see Cam lose his mullet. Well, maybe not as he is playing extremely well with it. And we all know what happen to Samson when Delilah brought in a Philistine to cut his hair. It drained his strength. We don’t want that happening to Cam! 

Out with over-analysis and in with free-thinking golf. 

We need to rid ourselves of too many thoughts while standing over the ball. I once worked with a guy who spent at least one minute over his ball. So we nicknamed him “Silence” as in a minute’s silence. Little wonder we couldn’t finish our round in four hours. Let’s quit thinking too much about technique and concentrate on one thing – hitting the ball.

Out with slow play and in with four-hour competition rounds.

Can’t see it happening any time soon, but it’s worth a crack. And make sure “Silence” is not in your group. He’s just too slow.

Out with the FedEx Cup and in with something fairer.

We don’t need a gathering of the world’s wealthiest players playing for an additional $45m and a calculator to work out who won what and who starts at 10-under par and who starts at even par. Where is the fairness in that?

Out with only vaccinated players being allowed to play golf and in with welcoming the unvaxxed.

Let’s not divide society to the point of it becoming a form of apartheid.

Out with the Americans winning the Presidents Cup and in with an International team victory.

The Americans have dominated the Presidents Cup for far too long so I’m hoping for an International triumph. If you can, get over to the Quail Hollow Club in the US in September and cheer on the Internationals. Yes, I am biased, but so is the other mob. Earmuffs will be required.

As Grandpa Karl would say, Frohes Neues Jahr – Happy New Year. And from me, have a great year on and off the golf course. 

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Chief writer David Newbery has been living, breathing and writing and editing golf for more than 30 years. His extensive knowledge of the game comes from covering golf around the world. Hired by Inside Golf in 2009, David previously worked as the editor of The Golfer for 25 years and before that worked for numerous daily newspapers in Australia and overseas. The Brisbane-based journalist describes his golf game as “a work in progress”, but has had the privilege of playing golf with some of the game’s best players including nine-time major winner Gary Player. David enjoys travelling, reading, music, photography and spending time with family and friends – on and off the golf course.


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