What a 24 hours. As soon a the heavy rains came in yesterday morning I had a fair inkling that we wouldn’t be getting back out there yesterday.

It was unfortunate, and obviously it puts a lot of pressure on the organisers but I guess that’s the way the weather is working in Melbourne at the moment.

Yesterday I finished at one-under which I think was pretty good in those conditions. Obviously the rain hit us hard but then today was perfect. A total turn around.

We had to be up at 4am this morning for the 6.30am restart. I had planned a trip to the MCG last night but I made the decision to cancel so unfortunately I missed the Aussies get a good win.

It took me a while to get going this morning but I managed to shoot another 5-under in 15 holes which I’m pretty happy with. A good way to start I guess.

The course was fairly damp under foot but much better than the five holes I played yesterday!

I’m going to head home now for a while because we’re not starting till 4.30 this arvo at the earliest so I’ll have a quiet lunch then get back out here to start preparing.

It shouldn’t change my routine too much- I’m going to approach it like its no different to returning on any other day.

Still two rounds to play- but a good start none-the-less.


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