The new Golf Skate Caddy “World Record” holders are all smiles at Ringwood Golf Course.
The new Golf Skate Caddy “World Record” holders are all smiles at Ringwood Golf Course.

It was an exciting morning at Melbourne’s Ringwood Golf Course on Monday 11 April, as an enthusiastic group of golfers gathered to set a number of world records for the fastest rounds of golf played on a Golf Skate Caddy ‒ a feat never attempted previously.

Professional golfer Graham Maher set the overall fastest time of the day, completing the full 18 holes of golf in just over 43 minutes. Not far behind him was professional golfer Michelle Scerri, finishing the course in just under 45 minutes.

A pair of amateur golfers followed closely behind, with Darren Browning finishing the 18 holes in 47 minutes 20 seconds, while Mei Lee completed the challenge in 47 minutes and 44 seconds.

36 men and women also took part in setting the male and female relay records, with 18 participants in each team taking turns to play a single hole on the Golf Skate Caddy, then “tagging” the next player on the following tee, who would then hit their shot before hopping aboard the Golf Skate Caddy.

The day was capped off with members of the community and local golf clubs trying the Golf Skate Caddies as part of a free ride trial.



The official world record results:


Male professional golfer: Graham Maher Total time: 43:07
Female professional golfer: Michelle Scerri  Total time: 44:57

Male amateur golfer: Darren Browning Total time: 47:20
Female amateur golfer: Mei Lee Total time: 47:44


Male amateur golfers relay total time: 55:24

Male amateur relay team members:  

  1. Alan Walton
  2. Justin Lowe
  3. Mathew Fitzgerald
  4. Jeremy Cutajar
  5. Stephen Fulton
  6. Tim Burgess
  7. Darren Browning
  8. Adrian Crane
  9. Neil Harrington
  10. Matt White
  11. Peter Denier
  12. Joshua Burt
  13. John Beswick
  14. Guenther Bohnke
  15. Geoff Wallis
  16. Usman Naseer
  17. Tim Cocks
  18. Jarrad Glenn


Female amateur golfer relay total time: 1:29:12

Female amateur golfer relay team members:

  1. Sue Stanley
  2. Lisa Den Elzen
  3. Michelle Shafran
  4. Kaye Tankard
  5. Helen King
  6. Pam Happ
  7. Helen Reid
  8. Sue Lancaster
  9. Gilda Moore
  10. Pam Byrne
  11. Sandy Goddard
  12. Lee Thompson
  13. Sharon Cousins
  14. Fiza Errington
  15. Corinne Dyer
  16. Julie Browning
  17. Marge Reid
  18. Glenys Harrison


The Golf Skate Caddy, a combination of a single-person golf cart and surfboard, gives players a unique experience of “surfing the golf course” – gliding down the fairways, directing via a central controller. Golfers of all ages and abilities can use it, and it provides those with limited time the opportunity to still enjoy a sport they love.

It also provides, as shown by the world record times above, a potential solution to golf’s current problem of slow play.

Ringwood Golf is the first golf course in Victoria to offer the Golf Skate Caddy for hire (9 Holes, $15 and 18 Holes, $25) but it is also available at a number of courses across Australia.

To find out more about the Golf Skate Caddy, visit For more information about Ringwood Golf, visit or call on 03 9298 4500.

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