SCORING a hole-in-one might be a rarity in most people’s golf games. And Inside Golf has long since given up recording such feats – as they seem to occur a lot more often than the odds would suggest.

Yet, Ian and Dawn Campbell have beaten the ‘ace odds’ in a much different way, which is worth documenting.

Ian and Dawn Campbell are a couple of aces.

This married couple have achieved a rare feat in that not only have they had a hole-in-one on the same hole at one golf club but the pair has also holed out on the same golf hole at a different golf club as well.

Both these keen golfers have aced the 135m fifth hole at the beautiful Port Macquarie on the NSW North Coast.

Not satisfied with that feat, they also both holed out at the 170-metre sixth hole at Goondiwindi in Queensland.

A little bit of further research shows the Campbells have a pretty fair record of hole-in-one efforts too.

Ian has two other holes-in-one to his credit; his son Evan scored an ace at The Cut in Western Australia.

His junior grandsons, Jack and Blake, have both had a hole-in-one at Concord in Sydney and his son-in-law Glenn has holed out five times … so far.

Amazingly, Ian’s daughter Sandra, who the boys claim is arguably the best iron player in the family, is still dragging the chain despite coming within a few centimetres a number of times. 

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