Many people attempt to pitch like they are taking a small version of their full swing. This is not correct and will lead to poor contact, distance control and directional issues.

The lofted pitch shot is played with a lot less moving parts than the full swing. The main points to consider next time you practice are;


  1. Your weight starts and stays on the front leg during the entire shot.
  2. The left hand is in a weaker position (left thumb pointing down shaft) to stop the club head releasing and closing
  3. Align body open to the target, clubhead remains pointing at the target. Ball position is inside left heel (which is where your body centre of gravity is situated through weight being forward in setup).


Club path travels parallel to your body alignment, which is left of the target.

In the takeaway, check clubface at about hip height to make sure you have not shut the loft down (this will lead to shots going low and left).

In the downswing the club head trails the shaft, which comes by clearing the left hip as the first move back to the ball.

A good way to think of the finish is to see if you can sit a glass on the clubface at the finish. This means you have created the right angles to slide the clubface under the ball and achieve a soft high pitched shot.

Short game skills can save you many shots so do not neglect this part of your game when next practicing. Getting a short game lesson from your local professional will make putting all these angles into practice a lot easier.

About Lee Harrington

Lee is a PGA Member and is also the Development Officer at Golf Queensland. Her passion for teaching and an eye for detail is recognised in her reputation as a leading female teacher in Australia. Lee's experience in teaching provide a basis for programs delivered The Golf School, a Queensland-based teaching facility. Lee teaches at both the Gold Coast Carrara and Oxley facility weekly. Email:, or phone 07 5596 3373.


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