This article was specifically written with golfers in mind who are missing way too many short putts.

Having the benefit of designing putters for Precision Putters. I am fortunate enough to be able to ask for extreme but specific specifications on some putters every now and then, and this has been the case recently with regards to a number of golfers who were missing too many short putts.

A few had had just about enough and were looking to stop playing. l trialled a new concept with them and, to my surprise, it worked really well.

The concept is to use a very heavy putter head, a long shaft (between standard and a belly putter), a thicker grip and an upright lie angle.

The idea was to get the golfers to hold the putter half way down the grip, stand very close to the ball to improve the path, grip very lightly and allow the weight of the putter to swing pretty much on its own once it’s in motion. This has proven to be extremely helpful and I believe could be for you if you give it a go.

Initially, these golfers slipped back into the habit of standing their old distance from the ball and gripping too tight which they realised with the putter they are using does not and will not work, especially the lie angle.

It always gives me satisfaction when I assist a golfer with a new concept, they stick with it rather than try it for a week or so, and they see the benefits

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I noticed during the Masters coverage that a lot of the PGA Tour players are using the incorrect lie angle, you can see the toe of the club up in the air at address, in other words only the heel of the club is touching the ground. I was wondering why, if this is so important that these players don’t worry about it. I am about to invest in a new set of irons and just wanted to get your feedback on this point first

Michael, Woodlands (Victoria)


Hi Michael

This is actually a good point you raise. There is only one thing you have missed and that is that the ball is struck at impact and not at address, therefore the lie angle of any players’ irons are tested and adjusted to strike the middle of the sole of the club head at IMPACT not at address, so yes, you may see the toe in the air at address but as the clubhead swings through impact I can assure you that these pros on the PGA Tour have their hands higher at impact and the lie angle will be correct for each and every player.

You may have seen PGA Professionals, when club fitting, putting some tape on the bottom of a player’s iron and have them hit some shots off a plastic board (lie board). This shows the Professional where the club strikes the board and whether they need to adjust the lie angle for the player.

It is important to note that, irrespective of your swing style, we ALL need to try to achieve hitting the middle of the club face and the middle of the sole striking the ground at impact.

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