Lag putting drill
Lag putting drill

This month we’ll discuss lag putting, a critical skill to improving around the greens (and lowering your scores).

I often have people tell me that their putting is fine – then I see them hit most long putts 5-6 feet past the hole!

This is one of the biggest causes of the dreaded three-putt.

Here is a great drill to practice the next time you head to the golf course: Place five tees in a semi-circle past the hole as shown in picture 1.

Then, head back and place tees at 10 feet, 15 feet, 20 feet, 25 feet and 30 feet.  Place five balls down at the first tee (10 feet) and see how many putts you get inside the semi-circle (see picture 2, below).

Why do we have the semi-circle past the hole? Simple: Short putts NEVER go in.

Once you get all five balls in the semi-circle, move on to the next/further tee and start over. See how long it takes you to get all the levels done.

Don’t think too much on technique, just worry about pace and getting them close to the hole.

This will help eliminate the three-putts in no time.

Lag putting drill
Lag putting drill

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