Photo 1 - Standard Grip

If you are having a lot of trouble missing way too many short putts, then please take five minutes to read this article and seriously consider what I am proposing.

Over the past few weeks, two new clients have phoned me with the good news that the grip I have suggested they use (combined with fundamental technical drills as homework) has worked a treat and they have a lot more confidence over short putts, something they both said they have not had for a long time.

Let me share one of the key changes I made with both clients. They both had one hand that dominated the stroke, rather than have equal pressure in both hands and their hands placed on the grip so they can ensure that one hand does not twist, turn or twitch under pressure.

Have a look at the two photos here and notice that in Photo 1, using a standard putter grip, the right hand is placed slightly more to the left (the centre of the hand is above the plane of the golf shaft), the left hand is correctly placed (basically the centre of the hand is on the shaft plane).

Now have a look at the Photo 2, it is a new Superstroke wider top grip which allows the player to place both hands side by side on the grip, I know it looks a bit different and actually feels funny when you first use it, but trust me it really works, ensuring that neither hand dominates and allows them to share the workload

Photo 2 - a "wider top" putting grip

Next time you are having a practice putt before you tee off, take a few minutes to check your grip and see if either hand is positioned too much on top or underneath the grip in relation to the other hand, if you notice something that concerns you, do yourself a favour and book a lesson with your local PGA Pro

Don’t forget my favourite saying with my clients “if it’s not broken don’t fix it”, in other words, who cares how you hold the putter if you have been doing it for a long time and you are happy with the way you putt. Only change if change is necessary and will result in fewer putts and more confidence

If you too are missing too many short putts or you would generally like to putt more consistently, please visit phone 02 9541 4960 to book a session with me one on one. For more info visit or


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Glenn Whittle is an AAA PGA Member and Head Coach of the NSW Institute of Sport, Golf Program. He was also the 2008 NSW PGA Teacher of the year. To book a putting session personally with Glenn, phone The Ridge Golf Course and Driving Range Pro Shop on (02) 9541 4960 or visit


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