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Hi Lee,

Are there any drills to stop getting stuck in the downswing and this tennis elbow in the right arm?!
John Searle, Brisbane



Great question, John. I see this all the time on the range – golfers working really hard to square the club face and path up at impact but not getting the timing quite right and the ball pushes or at worst, flips.

I use a simple drill to help my students feel what needs to be done to achieve solid consistent contact and ball flight. 

Grab your 7-iron and place your top hand as you normally would on the grip and then put your other hand at the bottom of the grip leaving a gap between the top and bottom hands of at least 5cm.

Do a few practice swings, taking the club back to the top of your hip and then swing through onto the lead foot, keeping balanced. Once you feel confident in doing this, hit the ball and take your time

Don’t swing too fast as this is all about you using your body to create the speed, not your hands. This will help you feel the way the body, arms and hands need to work so you don’t get stuck behind yourself. 

Remember to keep at it – it takes time to build consistency but once you get it right, your game will be a lot better for it.


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