Study confirms rangefinders speed up golf

A recent study has found that laser rangefinders can shave up to 30 minutes off a round of golf for mid- to high-index players.

The study, conducted by California-based National University Golf Academy and Bushnell Golf, measured the speed of play of students with handicaps ranging from six to 18. Tested over two days at Santaluz Club in San Diego, California, golfers played one round with a laser rangefinder and a second round without any electronic measuring devices. With the use of a Bushnell Golf Laser Rangefinder, the 6-13 index players finished their round in four hours and 15 minutes, an improvement of nearly 30 minutes when playing without a laser rangefinder. The 14-18 index players saw a 17-minute improvement finishing in four hours and sixteen minutes.

“Pace of play is at the forefront of so many discussions when it comes to the game of golf,” said Ted Norby, Director of Instruction at National University Golf Academy. “Using a product like the Bushnell Laser Rangefinders allowed mid-level handicap players to make a decision on club selection and yardage much quicker, leading to a faster place of play.”

The Inside Golf team has long been a proponent of Laser Rangefinders and Distance Measuring Devices on the course, as knowing the exact distance in a timely manner helps avoid the process of looking for a sprinkler head or yardage stake, pacing off the difference in yardage, etc.  We have noticed a measurable improvement in our pace of play as a result of using these devices.

The improvement in pace of play is likely a major reason why, in January, the R&A announced that DMDs will be allowed in all R&A amateur competitions in 2014, including the British Amateur Championship.

Bushnell, the No. 1 choice of professional golfers, offers a full selection of rangefinders that continue to change and improve the way golfers assess distances, ultimately improving performance.

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