Kim Teale shows off her developed skills on the course

Lakeside Golf Club Camden’s most recent Business Ladies Golf courses were held from January – March 2018, having over 15 ladies participate. Local golfer, Kim Teale participated in the first Business Ladies Golf course back in October – November 2017 and has made several new friendships with ladies who had never played golf before but were eager to learn the game.

Kim states that she and fellow players “wanted to have the opportunity to play with their partners on weekends at Lakeside, join local charity golf days to help local cause groups and fundraising efforts, as well as meet more people socially.”

Kim admits after some time off, she enjoyed the refresher course and feels much more confident in her golfing abilities and appreciative of the game itself.

“After the golf days on Tuesdays, we enjoy lunch from the Three P’s Ristorante to discuss the lesson and what was learnt,” she said.

Following the six-week course, the ladies caught up on the driving range the week after to hit some balls and the subsequent week to play six holes of golf.

Business Ladies Golf it is a six-week course held on Tuesdays from 5.30pm – 7.30pm and costs $120 per person. The next round of Business Ladies Golf will commence on October 2018 due to Daylight Savings. Please check for updates.

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