High-tech golf studio installations like the new Bolton Performance Golf studio at Rosebud Country Club are changing the face of golf instruction and clubfitting

For years Inside Golf has been espousing the benefits of clubfitting and golf instruction technology to help golfers of all levels play better golf.  With the aid of launch monitors, video cameras, advanced computer programs and motion capture technology, you can now see—in minute detail—exactly what is happening during every microsecond of your swing.

From things like swing path to clubhead speed to impact angle and swing “efficiency”, new golf clubfitting technology can uncover the nuances of a swing that could not be caught by the naked eye.  And when placed in the hands of an experienced PGA teaching professional or clubfitter, it can have an amazing impact on your game.

So it’s no wonder why more and more “golf technology studios” are cropping up at golf clubs across the country.  These studios help golf clubs and courses to not only use technology to give more accurate information to their members/guests, but it also helps provide a better overall service to these golfers as well.

One of the leaders in this section of the industry is MIA Sports Technology, a UK-based company that specialises in the growing market of golf studio design.

Last year, we featured MIA and their amazing cutting-edge installation at The Learning Centre at Northern Golf Club in Melbourne. Since then, the company has expanded at a rapid rate, with robust installations at courses including Ballarat, Victoria, Rosebud, Melton Valley, Queens Park, Centenary Park and, most notably, the PGA of Australia’s studio at Sandhurst. Not surprisingly for a technology of this calibre, there are many more installations in the pipeline.

These courses have each installed a unique configuration of leading-edge technology solutions in their locations, from indoor studios to outdoor/driving range setups with FLIGHTSCOPE ball-tracking radar, to V1 software/coaching systems and SAM Balance Labs and SAM Puttlabs.

“In our first year in the Australia market we are extremely pleased with the quality of the jobs undertaken,” says Scott Barradell, an AAA PGA Professional at Melbourne’s Northern Golf Club who also designs and manages installations on behalf of MIA Sports.

“All installations are different in a variety of ways, but each offers the customer a unique experience, which can only increase the value of their businesses,” he says.

Each of these installations is packed with a complete array of high-tech wizardry to suit golfers of every level—from beginner to Tour professional.  From the live video capture, to launch monitors to the 3D swing analysis and banks of cameras and video screens, the studios can capture heaps of data about your swing and the effects it has on the golf ball—like sidespin, launch trajectory and the like.  This can be highly beneficial for successful clubfitting, golf tuition and more.

Once your swing is sorted, you can then get your putting in order. The SAM Puttlab is an intricate and highly-advanced system that uses a motion sensor device clipped on to your putter. After a series of five putts with the device, the computer crunches the numbers and then displays a plethora of information about your putting path, speed, putterface impact location, consistency and more. Using this data, your pro can determine the exact type of putter that matches your game, and can also offer any advice or instruction to improve your overall stroke.

As the modern golfer has come to expect this type of service and technology at their club these days, don’t be surprised if you see one pop up at a club near you in the near future.

For more info contact MIA Sports/Scott Barradell on 0438 686 453, scott@miasportstechnology.com. Or visit www.miasportssolutions.com


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