Adam Scott, winner of 28 professional tournaments and former world number-one golfer, has announced his partnership with Swing Index – the first artificial intelligence technology that enables millions of golfers to improve their golf swing. The groundbreaking Swing Index app provides every golfer a two-way interaction between student and coach creating a solid and necessary foundation on which to facilitate game improvement.

Adam Scott remarked, “When you improve someone’s golf swing, golf becomes more enjoyable and people play more. This app ticks all those boxes and then some.”

Phil Scott, CEO of The Adam Scott Company and PGA Professional, remarked, “SwingAI allows instructors to raise their earning potential by enabling them to coach multiple players anywhere in the world. For players, it provides a world-class swing coach anywhere, anytime, at an affordable price. It’s game-changing technology.”

Rick Geritz, CEO of SwingAI, commented, “The swing index will become the measure for the quality of your golf swing, just like the USGA handicap is the measure for your score. This metric is the first of its kind, right on your mobile device”

Players can download Swing Index on the App Store or Google Play and sign up for their Swing Index.

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