Golf Skate Caddy
Golf Skate Caddy

As golf clubs and courses around the world scramble to lure younger golfers to the fairways, many new products are hitting the market which aim to target this demographic while also revolutionising the game.

One of the products taking the golf industry by storm is the ultra-cool Golf Skate Caddy, a purpose-built, single-person golf transport device which adds a unique dimension to a round of golf. With the Golf Skate Caddy, getting to your ball is half the fun as you “skate” your way around the course.

I took the GSC for a test-ride last month at Sandhurst Club’s Champions Course in Melbourne. Sandhurst Club is one of a growing number of Australian clubs/courses (including Monash Country Club in Sydney, Pelican Waters in Queensland, etc) who are actively considering adding the GSC to their rental fleets.

Right off the bat, I could tell that the GSC was different from your average golf transport, with no steering wheel or gas/brake pedals. Instead, the unit is operated by a pistol-grip controller (like you’d find with a video game or RC hobby cars, etc). Simply squeeze the trigger, and you’re off.  Steering is similar to being on a skateboard or surfboard: as you hold on to the ergonomic ball/handle, simply lean back or forward and let the GSC do the work.

Golf Skate Caddy
Golf Skate Caddy

As a kid, I was never much of a skateboarder or surfer (growing up in the mountains can have that effect), so it took me a couple of holes to get the feel for riding the Golf Skate Caddy, especially around curvy cart paths and hills. But once I got the hang of it, I had an absolute blast.  It was extremely easy to manoeuvre, and every bit as fast as a golf cart (though half the size and considerably quieter.)  With four “drive speeds”, the GSC was able to handle every bit of terrain I encountered, from the fairways to the rough to everything in between.

And it was a heap of fun: the most fun I’ve ever had between golf shots.

Interestingly, it also gave me a bit of a workout. While you might think that there is very little exercise required with this device, I was surprised at how much I used my core muscles, hamstrings and thighs (though any regular surfer or skateboarder would know that already.)

The GSC is fully decked out with everything you need for a round of golf: a storage compartment for balls and tees, a sand divot pourer, scorecard holder and a padded seat (which can’t be used when riding, but is great for sitting down to enjoy a cold beverage). There are also a heap of clever additions, including a 5V USB Charger (for a mobile phone, GPS device, etc), rear chill box which can hold three cans or two bottles of your favourite beverage, front drink holder and more. It even has a very clever wind-resistant umbrella which can be attached when needed.

Golf Skate Caddy Pelican Waters July 2014 060 cropped
Golf Skate Caddy

As for the technical stuff: the GSC comes with Dual 1000w brushless motors (which were more than strong enough to tackle the hills and swales during our test), 30ah lithium battery, 10 inch all-terrain tyres, twin LED driving lights and a smooth ABS braking system. The synthetic grass base is great for soft spiked golf shoes and allows maximum grip in wet or dry weather. The GSC is also compact, it folds down easily and can be packed away in an SUV, 4WD station wagon or hatchback.

The Golf Skate Caddy is destined to find its way to many courses across the globe, and it surely will lead the way in helping draw the younger players (as well as those who are “young at heart”) back out onto our fairways.

The RRP for the Golf Skate Caddy is $4350.  For those who just want a ride at a club, we expect the rental to be around $22-$25 for 18-holes.

More information:  1300 55 69 79,, . Fleet enquiries:

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