It’s not a buggy – it’s a golf bag “mobiliser”

Concourse Golf CBM3
Concourse Golf CBM3

Over the years, we’ve tried a variety of different types of golf buggies. And whether you call it a buggy, cart, trolley, trundle or any host of other names, they are all relatively similar in shape; with anything from two to four wheels, and a variety of collapsible configurations and features.

But at the end of the day, the one common aspect of these vehicles is that they are all standalone units; requiring extra space for storage, as well as additional set-up/pack-up steps before and after a round of golf. And as we all know, space can be a premium, especially if you have a small car or limited storage space at home.

That’s why we were really keen to try out the new Concourse Golf “Compact Bag Mobiliser” (CBM), which may simply be the most compact “buggy-type device” we’ve ever seen.

We call it a “buggy-type device” because, to be honest, the CBM3 is unlike any golf buggy on the market. The most remarkable aspect of this device is that the frame stays attached to your bag, even when you pack it away in the car. After detaching the wheels (which come off as easy as anything, with a simple push of the buttons), the handle simply folds down and clicks into place, staying on your bag as you pop it into the car (though you could take the frame off quickly and easily, should you wish.)

On the course, it is a marvel of balance and smoothness. While I personally lay claim to having one of the heaviest golf bags in the industry (it’s always chock-full of different gear and gadgets), the CBM3 made it feel as light as a feather as I gently pushed it around a variety of courses.

Constructed of high-grade diecast aluminium, and weighing a little over 4kg, the CBM3 can fit onto just about any golf bag on the market (to test this, we even tried it out on an old 1940s-era golf bag during one of our Hickory Golf days, and it fit like a glove). Best of all, it takes hardly any time to set-up or pack-up, as it’s dead-simple to extend or retract. One of the nice features of the CBM3 is that all three wheels can be stored in their own bag (the two main wheels cleverly click together for storage), which helps keep your car clean and tidy.

Overall, we really love the Concourse CBM3. It is truly a “next generation” type of product, and worthy of their recent 2016 International Design Award. If you’re looking for an ultra-compact golf buggy (er, mobiliser!) then be sure to check this one out!

The CBM3 is now available online at or in selected retailers at an RRP of $495.00

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