For many golfers, the swing can feel like the most complicated and complex process in all of sport. Why does it seem so confusing? One of the reasons is due to the fact that there are thousands of articles, videos, blogs and websites proclaiming that they’ll deliver you to the golfing Promised Land. While they all mean well—and many know exactly what they’re talking about—much of it is unnecessarily complex.

Of course, you need good grip, posture and alignment, etc. But one of the keys to great golf is swinging on plane. Swinging on YOUR ideal plane is essential to consistent golf, and to be honest, it is not complicated!

I hear people say things like “I’m OK until I try to hit it hard”. Well, the fact is that you can hit it as hard as you like and it will go where you want it to, so long as you are on plane. Just remember, you’re hitting the ball on the downswing, not the backswing.

Even if you have great fundamentals, an off-plane swing can lead to slicing, hooking, coming “over the top”, fat shots, thin shots and even the nasty “S” word…shanking.  These can all be avoided by simply staying on plane.

A proper swing plane features a solid correlation between the butt of the club, the sternum and the ball.  In the image of Adam Scott, we can see a good example of this correlation. It doesn’t matter if the golfer is tall or short, has long or short arms, etc. The relationship between the butt of the club, the sternum and the ball should be consistent at the top of the back swing and often the follow-through (depending on the shape of shot you are playing).

We can debate a plethora of planes (shaft plane, elbow plane, shoulder plane etc…) but what’s important is the understanding of the relationship between the hands, the clubhead and the ball in relation to the sternum, the crossing point of the human wheel.

So how can you ensure you are swinging on plane?

Working with a product like our PlaneSWING® at the correct setting, and using the PowerSLIDER, can help you build a powerful and repeatable motion. PlaneSWING® is designed to give you an instant feel for the perfect golf swing and to ingrain a repetitive motion. With regular use you will increase upper body rotation, improve balance and fitness and find improved accuracy and added length that you thought was lost forever.

There’s a good golfer in every one of us and PlaneSWING® can help you find it, whether a PGA Tour player or a beginner, left or right handed, male or female, senior or junior. Whether or not you invest in a PlaneSWING® and your golfing life, we are here to help. Feel free to email us a video of your swing for free analysis at onplane@planeswing.com.

For more information, visit: www.planeswing.com, or ring 0414 967 345

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