Collingwood premiership player Chris Dawes has cottoned-on to the Ready2Golf brand

In the 1880’s Mark Twain coined the famous phrase “the clothes make the man”. These days, a more apt quote could be “the clothes make the golfer,” as more and more professionals and amateurs alike are following the latest fashion trends on the golf course.

While the days of plus-fours may be long behind us (for now, anyway), the boring old collared golf shirt and shorts are now being reinvented by creative and talented designers with an eye for fashion and a hint of flair.

One such designer is Australia’s own Timothy Neate, who launched apparel brand Golf by Timothy Neate in 2007. Recently rebranded as Ready2Golf by Timothy Neate, and managed under the expert guidance of retail experts Shane and Amanda Young, the brand has exploded onto the golfing scene, taking the helm as one of Australia’s premier luxury lifestyle golf brands.

Making use of luxurious fabrics and stylish cuts, the brand’s range allows golfers to look stylish both on and off the course.

“Golfers love the fabrics, unique designs and the fact that it is lifestyle wear,” Neate told Inside Golf.

“You can come off the golf course, go out for a meal wearing the same gear and still feel comfortable in it. Golfers also enjoy the fact that they can wear our pants to work.”

After trialling out the line at last month’s Surf Coast Knockout – where Ready2Golf was a brand sponsor– I must say that I would wholeheartedly agree. The slacks were comfortable, cool and certainly fashionable. (Unfortunately, they didn’t help my golf game, but at least I looked good while searching for my ball in the trees.) As I left the course (to drown my sorrows in a cool beverage), I felt confident that I was dressed well enough to attend even the most ritzy of events (assuming that they allowed spikes on the dancefloor, that is!)

Neate is no stranger to fashion trends. Prior to his foray into golf, he designed ranges for Marks & Spencer, and worked with designers from Dolce & Gabbana, Ralph Lauren and Burberry in Europe. So it’s safe to say he knows his stuff where fashion is concerned. He also spent two years living and designing in Japan and four years in Italy, France and England prior to launching his own clothing ranges which were sold in boutique and department stores in Australia and internationally.

Demand for the Ready2Golf line has been nothing short of amazing. After its humble beginnings in 2007, the line has quickly made its way to pro shops across the country, In April of last year the range was in 27 golf clubs across Vic, NSW and QLD. By October of the same year, the brand was delivered to 65 stores in every Australian state, and even made its way to New Zealand.

And that number is expected to grow even more in 2011. Following an impressive display in the merchandise tent at last year’s JBWere Masters, an increasing number of professionals, amateurs and even a few celebrities have been cottoning-on to the brand, and demand continues to be strong.

So don’t be surprised if you see the Ready2Golf logo making inroads in more locations this year. It’s certain to be a hit. Even Mark Twain would have to agree.

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Ready2Golf by Timothy Neate® is available from leading golf shops.

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