Jumbo Max Fat Golf Grips
Jumbo Max Fat Golf Grips

Ideal for every club in your bag, Jumbo Max fat golf grips give you a more relaxed grip pressure, which leads to more accurate ball striking. Testing by Golf Test USA has found that Jumbo Max fat golf grips outperform standard golf grips in every category: driver distance (carry increased 6.2%), accuracy (wedge accuracy increased 22.8%), club head speed, ball speed, and smash factor. Jumbo Max fat golf grips gives you 38% more turning power, resulting in straighter, more accurate shots.

Available in small, medium, large and extra large. Jumbo Max fat putter grips also available for better putting strokes.

Relieves sore hands and arthritis in older golfers.

infogolfmania@yahoo.com.au; 0439790263

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