Chances are, you’ve heard of (and have seen) the popular Vision+ golf balls. Conceived and designed by Aussies Bill and Wayne Bosley, the Vision+ balls have become famous for their big, ultra-bright visibility and the equally big numbers on the side. Great for players of all levels, the Vision brand has quickly grown in popularity across Australia and the globe.

Building on the popularity of the brand, The Bosleys have recently taken the next step up, launching the new ProSoft 808, a premium tour-type ball that offers increased feel with the putter, better control around the greens, and lower levels of back and side spin on fuller shots and drives to help players hit more fairways.

We took some of the ProSoft 808 prototypes out on the course last month, and we were thrilled with the overall feel and control of the ball. In truth, they performed admirably, and were well on par with Tour-Type balls on the market. They produced a solid amount of backspin around the greens when needed, and were equally well-behaved off the tee; finding the fairway despite the “very average” swings we were afflicting on the ball. Durability is another strong point with the ProSoft 808, as they took a beating over the few rounds, with nary a scratch or scuff (and despite all that, they still felt very soft off the clubface, due to the Vision GelSkin technology).

One of the more exciting aspects of the Vision balls is their ultra-high visibility. These babies positively glow in the sunlight, acting like a beacon from down the fairway. They are, by far, the most visible golf balls we’ve ever played.
Interestingly, The ProSoft 808 balls are so bright that they even glow in the dark! Great for those of us who play well into the darker hours.

The ProSoft 808 is definitely one for the “Must Try” list.

More information: contact Wayne Bosley from BozGolf on 0419 489104,, or visit


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2 Responses to "We Tried It: Vision ProSoft 808"

  1. Dean Morriss  March 25, 2016

    Hi I found one of your pro soft balls at Wagga Wagga country club ,I used the ball for 18 holes on a recent golf trip to sorento in Melbourne I was very impressed with the length and feel of the ball especially on the greens . cheers Dean

  2. John Jackson  September 6, 2016

    G’Day The first hit off the tee after finding this ball sounded a bit weird ( didn’t come off the center ) and even though the ball itself looked good I thought this is a cheapy, I soon changed my mind when my second shot ( fairway wood ) landed 38 meters short of the par five, it performed well around the greens, it’s definitely found a home in my bag, I’m 69 year young and my eye sight ain’t what it use to be but I had no trouble seeing this ball…… loved it.
    Regards John

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