PnP Rake Wedges turn heads in the US

2014 US National Teacher of the Year, Kathy Gildersleeve-Jensen
2014 US National Teacher of the Year, Kathy Gildersleeve-Jensen

By and large, the shape and design of the modern sand and lob wedges haven’t changed much over the years. Sure, there have been monumental leaps in materials, groove engineering and manufacturing processes, but the standard head and sole shapes have largely remained untouched in recent decades.

So when PnP introduced their unique RAKE Sand and Lob wedges at the PGA Show in Orlando, many golfers took notice. Featuring distinctive “rails” on the sole of the clubs (which act as mini stabilisers to keep the club on path in the sand and the rough) and a patented Dual Bounce Rail Design (to help pop the ball up with maximum control), the RAKE wedges received rave reviews from attendees.

The 56° RAKE Sand Wedge, has 26° of entry rail bounce and 10° of sole bounce.   The club provides amazing feel and allows you to comb through sand with less effort and more control.  The 60° Lob Wedge features 15° of Rail Entry Bounce and is the perfect wedge for cutting through thick grass with less effort (and yes, both wedges conform to USGA rules.)


2014 US National Teacher of the Year, Kathy Gildersleeve-Jensen was so impressed with the wedges that she has come on board as a spokesperson for the brand, and recommends the RAKE Sand Wedge to help improve her students’ game, as well as her own. She.

“I am amazed at how easy it is to execute what normally would be a difficult shot out of the rough and how effortlessly you can lift the ball out of a bunker.”

These wedges are so good that, following our review of them, they became permanent additions to the bags of the Inside Golf editorial team. So we can wholeheartedly recommend that these wedges are definitely worth a try if you have trouble getting out of the bunker, or need help popping the ball up in the rough.


A GIANT leap for SeeMore Putters


The SeeMore Putter Company is launching the next giant thing in golf: The GIANT FGP.

The FGP design is SeeMore’s most recognizable product, the flagship shape for the brand and the winning putter of two Major Championships and over 20 PGA Tour events in its 15-year history. The FGP putter is easy to align with its large blade design and its unique RifleScope alignment Technology (RST) system.  And the FGP’s unique straight shaft near centre design means the head is perfectly balanced to the plane of the stroke path, meaning that the putter face will be naturally square or “on plane” at all times during the putting stroke.

The new Giant milled FGP is 28% larger than an FGP on each dimension, with a volume in ccs of 2.5 times a standard milled FGP. The Giant FGP is easier to align the face square to the target line, and is easier to align the putter square to the golfer’s set up, due to the oversize RST alignment markings on the top line of the putter head, and the oversize shaft diameter.  It is also more forgiving, with a higher moment of inertia, and extreme heel/toe weighting, with milled stainless steel weights.

But best of all, it still maintains the same dynamic benefit of the original FGP, that of being ‘Face Balanced at Impact’ or ‘Balanced and Square to the stroke Plane’.  Meaning the putter always wants to be square at impact, leading to more putts perfectly on line.

The Giant FGP is exclusive to On Course Golf Shops, and is available in Australia starting this month.

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