We’ve tried many drivers and woods over the years, but the Mizuno JPX900 may very well be one of the best!


While they have long been known for their innovative, high-performing irons, Mizuno has recently made a serious push into the woods category, with the launch of their new JPX900 Driver, Fairway Wood and Hybrid series.

Inside Golf were among the first to test-drive these sleek, new sticks, and we are excited to report that they are phenomenal. We’ve tried many drivers and woods over the years, but the Mizuno JPX900 may very well be one of the best!

With the launch of the line, Mizuno stated that the JPX900 “showcases a science-driven process to create clubs with the ultimate in optimisation, performance and control”. When they say ‘optimisation’, they aren’t kidding, as the JPX900 Driver offers a mind-bending array of adjustments you can make to dial-in the EXACT ball flight you are looking for. Just looking at the sole of the club—with all the adjustable weights and slots—fills you with excitement and confidence that this club has every game and swing covered.

For golfers who want to optimise the launch angle and spin rate (which can significantly crank up your distance off the tee) the club offers a pair of 8gm weights, as well as three of the company’s famous “Fast Tracks” to help you set the weights precisely where you want them. The toe and heel port allows spin and launch to be adjusted alongside fade/draw bias, while the middle slot slides from back to front for further optimisation. The weights can also be removed completely if you desire.

The sole of the club also features a silver “face angle” disc, which allows you to set the face to Open, Neutral or Closed. This helps you to adjust the look and setting of the club at address to suit your eye and swing.

Next, the Quick Switch hosel allows you to change the loft of your driver quickly and easily, from 7.5 degrees to 11.5 degrees for men, or 10.5 to 14.5 for the women. It also features the benefit of being able to quickly swap out a shaft with a turn of a key.

And while this all may seem confusing to the average golfer, trust us that it can make a BIG difference to your game. With the help of your local pro or clubfitter (using  Trackman or a similar fitting/measuring system) you can try a variety of settings to maximise your performance off the tee.

We took the driver out for a significant session on the range (where we tried every setting combination imaginable, before dialling-in our optimal ball flight) and then took to the course, filled with confidence.

After just one round, we knew this club was something special. Drive after drive was pumped down the middle, with significant distance gains over our current driver. Even our miss-hits were finding the fairway more often than not. Our playing partners began to take notice, and soon they were begging for a hit of their own. This was followed by the wide eyes and big smiles as their own drives were crunched down the middle. Over a few rounds, the JPX900 has proven to be a real crowd pleaser.

Another exciting aspect of the JPX900 which should be noted is its remarkably pleasing sound. While many adjustable drivers/clubs can suffer from a tinny sound at impact with certain settings, this isn’t the case with the JPX900. It sounds solid and clean, in all of the settings. The way a good driver should sound.

Even the stock shafts are something to sing about, as the JPX900 Driver and Fairway Wood come with high-performance Fujikura Speeder Evolution II shafts (ranging from lightweight to heavy/stiff  options for all types of swing speeds.)

Overall, we were gobsmacked at just how good the Mizuno JPX900 Driver performed. If you are in the market for a new driver—and want heaps of distance and control off the tee—we urge you to give it a test-drive of your own.
Driver: $779.00
Fairway $499.00
Hybrid: $399.00



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