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Announcing: The Inside Golf “Carpark to the 19th” Course Experience Ratings

Historically, golf course rankings have been written by golf pros, journalists, course architects and industry professionals. The ratings have been based on features like design, condition, length, number of hazards, etc, with sometimes a hint at the “Wow Factor”.

And while these rankings are a critical part of golf, it doesn’t always tell the whole story.

Isn’t a great golf experience more than just the sum of the parts? For the average punter, a great golf course may simply be one where he or she doesn’t lose a dozen balls in the round. Or perhaps one with wide fairways …or a friendly staff …or just amazing scenery.

So, Inside Golf is pleased to introduce our new “Carpark to the 19th” course experience series: written BY punters, FOR punters. Measuring a golfer’s “Overall Experience” at a course, our Carpark series brings course reviews to those who know it best: everyday Australian golfers!

Our course reviews are performed via a course Scorecard, a 36-point checklist which asks golfers around Australia to award points based upon various features of a course. Points from the scorecards are tallied, and then combined with Inside Golf’s internal ratings factors to derive an overall course rating.

At the end of each year, Inside Golf will tabulate the overall results, and determine the “Golfers’ Choice” Award for Australia’s best golf courses. And our top reviewers will even collect some prizes along the way.

The Carpark to the 19th Course Experience Ratings program is open to all golfers. Here’s how to participate:

  1. Download a Review Scorecard, and take it with you the next time you play a course.
  2. After playing, email your scorecard and photos to us (Note – photos MUST be high-resolution/good quality). email us at ed @ (and remove spaces in the email address)

Note: You can rate as many different courses as you like. But you cannot submit multiple ratings for the same course (Yes, we DO check on that!). You MAY NOT rate your own home course.

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