Gambling is illegal at Bushwood, Sir…

The proposed new laws that would place bet limits on poker machines are causing quite a stir – especially around the golf course. The Proposal – which would require pre-commitment technology to be placed on poker machines in all clubs and hotels across Australia – is intended to reduce problem gambling. Greg Mills, CEO of […]

Your Say – March 2011 Letters

Teaching older people I am currently 62 years old. I started golf at age 13 and my best handicap was 9, in my teens. I am physically fit for my age but have normal age-induced, limited, spinal flexibility. When one goes for a lesson, a pro may ask you if you have any injuries, but […]

Olympic golf returns

Olympic golf returns

WORLD golf bosses have been putting their heads together over the past few years contemplating their triumphal return to the Olympics. Their efforts were not without success and the ultimate reward. After a 112-year absence the great game will once again grace the international Olympic stage in Brazil in 2016. Millions of dollars worth of […]