We’ve heard of “nearest point of relief”, but this is a bit wacky. In the quarterfinals of the Volvo World Match Play event in Bulgaria, Belgium’s Nicolas Colsaerts hit a wayward tee shot that flew over a toilet block, into a red-staked hazard. In determining the drop location from the hazard, the rules official determined that the nearest point of relief was actually INSIDE the toilet block. After taking the drop (which rolled under the basin), Colsaerts was then given further  “relief” from the toilet, and proceeded to drop in a grassy spot short of the block, before chipping onto the green.

Of course, this has already begun to spark all sorts of toilet humour, including “he’s feeling flushed”,  “his game has gone in the toilet”, “hitting a $#!^ shot” and the like. Here is the video for your viewing enjoyment.

(If video doesn’t load, hit “refresh”)

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