Inside Golf Digital – April 2011

The April 2011 issue of Inside Golf features our US Masters Preview, advice on how to approach a golf Demo Day, the latest news on Australia’s National Golf Handicap changes, and even delves into how you can be a better player by watching Caddyshack!

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One Response to "Inside Golf Digital – April 2011"

  1. Jamie  April 8, 2011 at 1:06 pm

    i would just like to say on page 6 then ‘possible handicap solutions’ is one of the best idea’s i have seen.
    After reading the article from the later pages about the problems occuring with the system this readers idea is fantastic…
    i mean really.. 48 points in stableford needs to be stopped…
    As a low marker (+1) this means i have to shoot 14 under par to have a chance.. i thought handicaps were there to make it even for ALL players??

    His idea of
    A grade using 10 best rounds of 20
    B grade using 7 best rounds of 20
    C grade using 4 best rounds of 20
    is a great idea and something i think would be easily introduced on golflink.

    Keeping in mind the USGA system we are using currently is designed for STROKE rounds not par and stableford, which makes this system in australia unfair as the higher handicappers pick up and only lose a minor point/shot for a hole that could cost 4-5-6-7 shots above what they would have scored.

    An example of this was last weekend where i was fortunate enough to eagle the first hole (par 5) where as my playing partner off 22 ended the same hole with a 9. In stroke he is penalised for bad shots.. in stableford he loses 2 points.. instead of 6 shots.. work this over a round and the results are very different…

    Take a good look at your club since the system change, how many events are won by lower markers (under 5 handicap) and what have the winning scores been in stableford… or to put it another way.. how would you feel shooting 8 under 64 off +1 to lose to a 22 marker playing to 12 and shooting a net 62??? do you really think thats a fair system???

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