The latest Smoothy Suspension buggy, Summit Lite, has every possible accessory feature on it, making it the most complete buggy on the market. It folds down to a mere 77 cm x 53 cm x 31 cm with all three wheels detached. The seat is detachable and positioned on the side of the buggy making all bag pockets accessible, and takes up less space in the boot. Some of the many features are, an umbrella attachment, integrated drink holder, a magnetic storage compartment for keys, wallet, golf balls etc.

Visit to see more on this deluxe buggy.

Available in Black.


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  1. Joylene  March 5, 2012

    I have a Summit Lite MK11 and it is great thought one of my springs prongs in the front wheel a has snapped and i need to replace this part where do I find this part to purchase?

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