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Hitting 50-80m wedge shots

Hitting 50-80m wedge shots

I regularly see students and customers coming to the range with only a fairway or driver. They lace away with no warm up, hit 100 balls and maybe hit 10% ok. They walk away with no confidence, poor rhythm and timing and most likely a sore back.

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When the chips are down

When the chips are down

I have often had people ask me to help them with their chipping. When we get to the short game area they proceed to get their 7-iron out and begin hitting bump and run shots all over the place. When I ask them what they are doing, they have a bemused look on their face. [...]

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Bunker Setup

Bunker woes cured

If you are one of the many golfers with an aversion to sand on the golf course, here are some simple technique tips to turn sand into your strength. Preparation: As you enter the bunker you need to gauge the depth of sand in the bunker. Wriggle your feet about to see how deep the [...]

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To check your posture, hold a club along your spine and tilt forward slightly, without the club coming away from your spine

Drills: Full swing technique

Drills are used to improve specific areas of your technique; they can be used for full swing technique, pitching, chipping, bunker play and putting. There are hundreds of drills you can use; you just have to use the drills that you can relate to, to give you the correct feeling and correct positions. Over the [...]

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The 5 shots around the green every golfer should know

The 5 shots around the green every golfer should know

The short game makes up the majority of shots in our overall score. Learning to play 5 different shots around the green will give you the ability to get up and down from just about any situation. Playing the most efficient shot when required should yield the most consistent results. The following shots can be [...]

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When practising, pitch to a defined Landing Zone

Watch and learn

How often have you hit a chip shot and said “that felt great”, yet it ended up nowhere near where you expected it to? Ask yourself: did you have a definite area where you wanted to land the ball, allowing for roll? If you answered ‘no’ then you are missing out on one of the [...]

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Many people attempt to pitch like they are taking a small version of their full swing. This is not correct and will lead to poor contact, distance control and directional issues.

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