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Fade Alignment

Can you truly hit a straight shot?

This month we would like to discuss a topic most commonly asked by golfers: “How do I hit the ball straight?” The answer to this question is simple. It is virtually impossible to hit the ball dead straight. In actual fact, the ball has what is referred to as a “Start Line” and a “Finish Point” and even for the best golfers, these two [...]

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New Aussie technology revolutionising game measurement

New Aussie technology revolutionising game measurement

STATISTICS in golf are an increasingly prevalent part of the modern game. Fairways Hit, Greens in Regulation, Putts and Sand Saves are a few of the many metrics that golfers measure each round. Many apps and websites have been designed to collect and analyse these major golf statistics. After (or during) a round, a golfer [...]

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Creating a 'Par-3' scorecard will help you analyse which part of your game is affecting your scores the most.

The 100m Par-3 game to breaking 90

We always hear how the majority of our game is played within 100 metres from the green, but how many golfers actually know by how much it is affecting their overall scores? To play ‘bogey’ golf, i.e., 1-over per hole (which will see you shooting around 90) the following should occur on most holes: Par [...]

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Club length is critical to success

For golf clubs, length matters

At the Ridge where I coach, I have a laminated sign hanging up called “Golf’s Frustration Cycle”. This cycle has ten points to it and in summary this is what I DO NOT want to achieve with my clients, irrespective of their age or handicap. It is important to point out that the number one [...]

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Sydney Clubfitting Centre

What is the correct lie angle for your irons?

As a golf coach, I have always enjoyed the process of combining golf instruction with club fitting, mainly because I learned early on that the two go hand in hand. For instance, if a client is slicing their shots, to reduce the left-to-right spin on the ball, I must determine what was responsible. Is it [...]

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Photo 1: an incorrect approach

Recovery Shots

This month I will help you out with your recovery shots out of the trees. I often see club golfers trying to pull off miracle shots when all they have to do is play the higher percentage shot. This will cut out the chance of having a those dreaded extra shots on their scorecard that [...]

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Common golf swing faults

Common golf swing faults

This month, we’ll discuss the two most common swing faults by golfers. S Posture at setup: It is easy to spot this poor postured golfer. If you look at their lower back from down-the-line, it has an excessive swayback or curvature creating what we commonly refer to as the “S-posture” or lower crossed syndrome . [...]

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Change the quality of your practise to change the quality of your game

Change the quality of your practise to change the quality of your game

As a teaching professional it often astounds me that so many amateurs spend their hard earned money on equipment and range balls without ever significantly improving their game.  Here are three stereotypes I see every day at the range… do any of them sound familiar to you? Good ol’ Rake n Belt This player turns [...]

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Relax and enjoy

Relax and enjoy

One element of the golf swing that is essential to playing great golf shots is the movement of the body and arms at the same pace. One thing that I frequently notice when coaching or watching people practice is how much tension they carry in their arms at address and then through the swing. This [...]

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Practising properly — like K.J. Choi does under the watchful eye of Steve Bann — can help you perform better under pressure

Top 10 mistakes you make when practising

In 1988 as a club professional and part time playing professional I was leading the prestigious Australian Masters by two shots after sixty nine holes. The field for this event at the time included six of the world’s top ten players, headed by Norman, Langer and Faldo. Three pars would change my golfing future and [...]

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Getting the best value from your lesson

Getting the best value from your lesson

To get the best value from a golf lesson, there are a few prerequisites. Firstly you must be prepared to learn and possibly change some things. Most importantly you will need to practise your new skills and give them the opportunity to take effect. It is my experience, that one round a week and one [...]

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Practising and testing your skills will help ingrain the confidence into your mind.

The Confidence Cycle

What exactly is confidence? And why does it come and go seemingly for no apparent reason? Why is it that many golfers can hit the ball well or chip and putt well when they practise, but when they go out on the course it all falls apart and they don’t feel any confidence in their ability to play?

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Practice does NOT make perfect

Practice does not make perfect!

The way you practice has a bigger influence over how you perform under pressure than anything else. If you are like most golfers you get to the golf course half an hour or so before you play, putt a few balls across the practice green, and try and work out whether they are fast or [...]

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Digital Instruction Guide 2011

Digital Instruction Guide 2011

The 2011 Inside Golf Digital Instruction Guide (sponsored by Titleist) features a full range of tips, drills and instruction covering every part of the game. From the first drive to the final putt, you’ll find something to help you get the most out of your game! (If you are having problems loading the guide, click [...]

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To check your posture, hold a club along your spine and tilt forward slightly, without the club coming away from your spine

Drills: Full swing technique

Drills are used to improve specific areas of your technique; they can be used for full swing technique, pitching, chipping, bunker play and putting. There are hundreds of drills you can use; you just have to use the drills that you can relate to, to give you the correct feeling and correct positions. Over the [...]

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3)	Balancing on one foot with your other knee flexed in the air is a great drill to improve your your overall balance.

Tips for senior golfers

The most common problems that affect senior golfers are: Not warming up, Posture, Balance, Stability, Tempo and Equipment. Here are some tips on how you can improve these areas.

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Professionals like Steve Elkington make their swings look effortless by generating anti-clockwise acceleration of the hips (red) around the axis of the spine, thus creating dynamic loading of the muscles of the upper body (blue)

Muscular Loading

In last month’s issue we wrote about the physics and physiology behind generating optimal power and efficient movement in the golf swing. This month we’ll focus on physiology of the muscles and the laws of physics.

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Trouble Shots

Trouble Shots

Wouldn’t it be great if we had a perfect lie every time? This rarely happens, of course, so it’s important to know how to play a shot from less-than-perfect conditions

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Greg Norman

The Biomechanics of golf

Using Biomechanics technology and techniques in the golf swing, we gain a complete understanding of how the body creates clubhead speed

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Photo 1

Attention all faders and slicers

I once heard how 80% of the world’s golfers are faders or slicers. Now, a lot of golfers don’t think they fade or slice, however they really do.

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