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To check your posture, hold a club along your spine and tilt forward slightly, without the club coming away from your spine

Drills: Full swing technique

Drills are used to improve specific areas of your technique; they can be used for full swing technique, pitching, chipping, bunker play and putting. There are hundreds of drills you can use; you just have to use the drills that you can relate to, to give you the correct feeling and correct positions. Over the [...]

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Longdrive Power Tips

Longdrive Power Tips

If you want to become the next RE/MAX World Longdrive Championship Australian Champion – or if you simply just want to get a few extra metres off the tee — read these tips on how to turn that 280m bomb into a 350m monster!

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Attention all faders and slicers

I once heard how 80% of the world’s golfers are faders or slicers. Now, a lot of golfers don’t think they fade or slice, however they really do.

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