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The Path to Success

The Path to Success

The majority of students that I see will slice the ball.  The rest will hook, with few knowing the correct path on the downswing. To learn to hit it straighter, let’s look at why the ball curves in the air. The main thing that golfers do to curve the ball is to have an open or [...]

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Fade Alignment

Can you truly hit a straight shot?

This month we would like to discuss a topic most commonly asked by golfers: “How do I hit the ball straight?” The answer to this question is simple. It is virtually impossible to hit the ball dead straight. In actual fact, the ball has what is referred to as a “Start Line” and a “Finish Point” and even for the best golfers, these two [...]

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Wax on, Wax off

For golf, fitness is fundamental

I caught a re-run of The Karate Kid (the 1984 original) movie on TV a few days ago. If you’ve seen it, then you know the line “Wax on, wax off”. There are other lines which, back when the movie first came out, everyone was repeating.  “Paint the fence”, and “Sand the floor”, all relate [...]

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What TrackMan has taught us about driving the ball

What TrackMan has taught us about driving the ball

I see many golfers on the driving range who try and set up to the ball with driver in a ‘square’ position much the same as they would do when playing an iron off the ground. In recent years however, we Professionals who teach with TrackMan have developed a greater understanding of the differences between [...]

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Photo 1 - Standard Grip

Getting a grip on putting

If you are having a lot of trouble missing way too many short putts, then please take five minutes to read this article and seriously consider what I am proposing. Over the past few weeks, two new clients have phoned me with the good news that the grip I have suggested they use (combined with fundamental technical drills [...]

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Mental skills for junior golfers (and their parents)

Mental skills for junior golfers (and their parents)

Even though this article is designed to help the needs of junior golfers I am fully aware that most of the readers will be the parents! Over the last thirteen years I have worked with juniors and their parents one on one to help them learn mental skills for golf in a fun structured way. [...]

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Tiger’s former coach praises Australian PGA

Tiger’s former coach praises Australian PGA

Tiger Woods’ former coach American Hank Haney is under no illusion as to why Australian golf is booming. In short, the quality of Australian coaches is second to none. So far this season the world has watched on as Jason Day, John Senden and Steven Bowditch, Matt Jones and World Number 1 Adam Scott have [...]

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Placing a golf ball between your wrist and the grip can help distance control

Wrists and putting do not go hand in hand

Are you the type of golfer who really struggles controlling the distance of your putts? In this issue we are going to show you a simple drill that you can do either at home, the office or on the putting green at your golf course which will improve your ability to control the speed of [...]

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Stay in your putt

Stay in your putt

Every now and then when I am playing, I remember one of the keys that I used to use regularly when competing in golf tournaments. This happened recently when I found myself doing exactly what I encourage my clients not to do, which is follow the ball with your eyes and head as soon as [...]

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We Tried It: Shotstohole

We Tried It: Shotstohole

Last month, we introduced you to, a web-based data collection tool that allows golfers and coaches to measure and analyse over 70 golf stats, set and track goals, monitor progress and more. has been adopted by many Tour players, including PGA TOUR pro Patrick Reed—who, having worked on specific skill sets to improve [...]

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Shawn Clement at Bonnie Doon GC

YouTube teaching guru visits Australia

World-renowned golf instructor Shawn Clement recently visited Australia for the first time and presented his unique perspective on the golf swing to keen golfers at Bonnie Doon Golf Club. Clement is no ordinary golf instructor. The 46-year-old Canadian has been involved with golf for over 36 years; 26 of those have been instructing golfers on [...]

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New Aussie technology revolutionising game measurement

New Aussie technology revolutionising game measurement

STATISTICS in golf are an increasingly prevalent part of the modern game. Fairways Hit, Greens in Regulation, Putts and Sand Saves are a few of the many metrics that golfers measure each round. Many apps and websites have been designed to collect and analyse these major golf statistics. After (or during) a round, a golfer [...]

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Putter Loft is critical

Do you have the correct amount of loft on your putter?

You don’t often hear many golfers of any skill level talk about the loft of the putter, mainly due to the fact that they don’t even know that the putter should actually have loft, let alone how much is right for them. Putting is about feel, touch, seeing the line, reading the putt correctly, and [...]

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Coin Drill for putting

Control the speed of your putts

Are you one of the many golfers who have difficulty controlling the distance of your putts? It is one of the most common concerns people talk to me about when they visit me at The Sydney Putting Studio. Basically they are getting the read and line generally OK but then either waste shots, lose confidence, [...]

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What makes you satisfied with your golf?

What makes you satisfied with your golf?

Every week on television and when I play in local competitions I notice golfers of all different standards being a little confused about what it means to be satisfied with golf. Knowing when and where to be satisfied has a big impact on our game’s performance and at a social level makes a massive difference [...]

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Photo 1

What is the correct putting stroke for me?

One of the common questions golfers ask me during a putting lesson is which method of putting stroke do I teach people? My initial thought is: whichever one I think is going to help the player putt consistently well. I don’t teach one single method to putt. I don’t actually say this to the players, however, as I know [...]

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Starting your putts consistently on line

Starting your putts consistently on line

Whenever I am giving a putting lesson, I always start by watching the player putt outside on the practice green. This allows me time to see firsthand their routine, the accuracy of their read of the slope, the types of questions or comments they make as well as seeing their technical fundamentals such as posture, [...]

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Hitting 50-80m wedge shots

Hitting 50-80m wedge shots

I regularly see students and customers coming to the range with only a fairway or driver. They lace away with no warm up, hit 100 balls and maybe hit 10% ok. They walk away with no confidence, poor rhythm and timing and most likely a sore back.

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Keep your water bottle clean

Keep your water bottle clean

Reusing water bottles, plastic or otherwise is a popular way to be eco-friendly, but one of the big problems with water bottles is mould build-up. The word ‘bacteria’ can send many people reaching for the hand sanitiser, and while some bacteria are not harmful, it is probably better to be safe than sorry and keep your water bottle clean.

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Golf snacks: what to eat and when

Golf snacks: what to eat and when

Playing consistent golf all the way through a round has a lot to do with being able to maintain concentration. Maintaining concentration has a lot do with keeping energy levels up. Keeping energy levels up is all about food.

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7 Nutritional tips to stay focused for your golf round

7 Nutritional tips to stay focused for your golf round

If you want to perform better at golf, your round should always be accompanied by a solid golf nutrition plan. In essence, what you eat determines how you play. So, which foods produce champions and which foods hinder play? Let me give you a few hints.

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Short putts making you nervous?

Short putts making you nervous?

This article was specifically written with golfers in mind who are missing way too many short putts. Having the benefit of designing putters for Precision Putters. I am fortunate enough to be able to ask for extreme but specific specifications on some putters every now and then, and this has been the case recently with [...]

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Creating a 'Par-3' scorecard will help you analyse which part of your game is affecting your scores the most.

The 100m Par-3 game to breaking 90

We always hear how the majority of our game is played within 100 metres from the green, but how many golfers actually know by how much it is affecting their overall scores? To play ‘bogey’ golf, i.e., 1-over per hole (which will see you shooting around 90) the following should occur on most holes: Par [...]

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Establish a routine

Routine, Routine, Routine

Pick any professional sport and situation where the athlete has plenty of time to think, analyse, visualize, worry etc. Now think of someone from that sport that is very successful.  For example: basketball and Michael Jordan preparing for a free throw.  Picture your athlete performing under pressure and ask yourself whether you think they have [...]

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Club length is critical to success

For golf clubs, length matters

At the Ridge where I coach, I have a laminated sign hanging up called “Golf’s Frustration Cycle”. This cycle has ten points to it and in summary this is what I DO NOT want to achieve with my clients, irrespective of their age or handicap. It is important to point out that the number one [...]

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Putter Lie Angle

The effects of an incorrect lie angle on your putter

In my last article, I wrote about the effects of lie angle with your iron clubs, and I mentioned that the process of combining golf instruction with club fitting is very important, mainly because the two need to go hand-in-hand. This is no different when looking at the effect that lie angle has on putting [...]

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Sydney Clubfitting Centre

What is the correct lie angle for your irons?

As a golf coach, I have always enjoyed the process of combining golf instruction with club fitting, mainly because I learned early on that the two go hand in hand. For instance, if a client is slicing their shots, to reduce the left-to-right spin on the ball, I must determine what was responsible. Is it [...]

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Checking your putter length

Two critical tips to improve your putting

When I am coaching, it is common to see a number of golfers arrive to practice their putting. The coach in me cannot help but take a sneak peek at their basic technique, in particular their posture and putter length. In a nutshell, I am surprised just how many golfers are using putters that are [...]

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When the chips are down

When the chips are down

I have often had people ask me to help them with their chipping. When we get to the short game area they proceed to get their 7-iron out and begin hitting bump and run shots all over the place. When I ask them what they are doing, they have a bemused look on their face. [...]

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Check your grip pressure

Constant grip pressure is the key to putting

I often ask golfers whether they think good putters on tour have a light or firm hold on the putter when they are putting well. Invariably these golfers answer “light, but I think mine is too firm.” Although I have seen a few good putters come through The Sydney Putting Studio that have a firm [...]

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Lag putting drill

Lag putting and eliminating the dreaded three-putt

This month we’ll discuss lag putting, a critical skill to improving around the greens (and lowering your scores).

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Photo 1: an incorrect approach

Recovery Shots

This month I will help you out with your recovery shots out of the trees. I often see club golfers trying to pull off miracle shots when all they have to do is play the higher percentage shot. This will cut out the chance of having a those dreaded extra shots on their scorecard that [...]

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Checking a putter's headweight

What putterhead weight and swing weight should you be using?

Since deciding to dedicate a large part of my time specifically to putting, I have seen a number of golfers putt consistently well using a light putter on slow greens, a heavy putter on fast greens, a light putter on fast greens and a heavy putter on slow greens. This shows us that we cannot [...]

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Ball position, impact and loft

Ball position, impact and loft

When hitting a putt, one of our major goals is to get the ball rolling as soon as possible, we have discussed in previous articles that the reason we need loft on our putter face is to assist in lifting the ball out of the small indent the ball sits it when it comes to [...]

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Checking alignment

Which alignments are most important in putting?

I am often asked by clients whether their feet are aiming correctly at address. This leads me to explain the key alignments I look at when coaching. There are four: Forearm alignment at address Forearm alignment at impact Putter face alignment at address Putter face alignment at impact To me, feet alignment doesn’t matter a [...]

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Common golf swing faults

Common golf swing faults

This month, we’ll discuss the two most common swing faults by golfers. S Posture at setup: It is easy to spot this poor postured golfer. If you look at their lower back from down-the-line, it has an excessive swayback or curvature creating what we commonly refer to as the “S-posture” or lower crossed syndrome . [...]

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Change the quality of your practise to change the quality of your game

Change the quality of your practise to change the quality of your game

As a teaching professional it often astounds me that so many amateurs spend their hard earned money on equipment and range balls without ever significantly improving their game.  Here are three stereotypes I see every day at the range… do any of them sound familiar to you? Good ol’ Rake n Belt This player turns [...]

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Relax and enjoy

Relax and enjoy

One element of the golf swing that is essential to playing great golf shots is the movement of the body and arms at the same pace. One thing that I frequently notice when coaching or watching people practice is how much tension they carry in their arms at address and then through the swing. This [...]

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Practising properly — like K.J. Choi does under the watchful eye of Steve Bann — can help you perform better under pressure

Top 10 mistakes you make when practising

In 1988 as a club professional and part time playing professional I was leading the prestigious Australian Masters by two shots after sixty nine holes. The field for this event at the time included six of the world’s top ten players, headed by Norman, Langer and Faldo. Three pars would change my golfing future and [...]

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Getting the best value from your lesson

Getting the best value from your lesson

To get the best value from a golf lesson, there are a few prerequisites. Firstly you must be prepared to learn and possibly change some things. Most importantly you will need to practise your new skills and give them the opportunity to take effect. It is my experience, that one round a week and one [...]

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