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Inside Golf has opened our pages to you, our loyal and passionate readers.   We’re rewriting the book (so to speak) on what goes inside a golf magazine. And you are calling the shots! From reader-submitted course write-ups, to equipment reviews, to golf course photography and even fictional stories, poems, jokes and more, we’re setting aside space in every issue for your interesting and fun content. In essence, we’re making Inside Golf YOUR magazine!

Best of all, we’ll be offering great prizes along the way. So warm up your keyboards, and get writing.

A few points to consider:

  • Content must be submitted in an electronic format (.doc, .rtf, .txt files, etc). We cannot accept pdf files, scanned/faxed documents or printed/paper submissions.
  • Shorter is better. While we love to read your amazing stories and course reviews, our pages in Inside Golf are limited for space. So please keep your submissions short and sweet. If you simply MUST go long, then please keep it all under 600 words (maximum)
  • Proofread: Try reading your story out loud. Does it still make sense? Also, if you find that you have trouble catching your breath, then you likely need to break up the really long sentences into shorter ones.
  • Keep it PG-Rated: Remember that Inside Golf is a national publication, and is read by golfers of all ages – from the 8-year-old junior to the 100+ year-old veteran. So keep your stories lighthearted and family-friendly.
  • Photos: We are happy to accept your photos. For them to be printed, however, they need to adhere to a couple of simple guidelines:
    • They need to be print-quality (i.e. high-resolution Jpg file. A High Resolution file is generally 200dpi, and rather large in size. Most modern digital cameras are fine for this).
    • We unfortunately cannot print photos that are copied/pasted inside Microsoft Word, or Powerpoint, etc. (Trust us, they look HORRIBLE in print). Images must be separate files, and must be in their raw form. (i.e. straight from the camera, original size, no cropping or editing, etc).
    • We cannot reprint copyrighted photos from other sources (i.e. not taken from another website or publication).
    • Captions for images must be included in the Word Doc.

Simply email your submissions to ed@insidegolf.com.au. It’s that simple. Assuming all the guidelines are met, your article will be read by our editorial team for possible publication. If your article is chosen for print, the Group Editor will contact you via email.


Inside Golf runs a regular “Letter of the Month” competition for the best letters sent in by our readers. Whether it’s an amusing story, a poignant commentary on an industry issue, or simple feedback about an article in the magazine, we love them all.

Simply drop us a line via our website form, in an article’s comment box, on our Facebook page or via email, and you’ll be in the running to win GolfBuddy Voice GPS unit.


We’ll see you on the fairways!

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